Shellybanks ETNS looking for Community Representatives for the new BOM

Shellybanks ETNS
“This is an invitation from Joanne Dunne, Principal of Shellybanks ETNS. As you may be aware, we recently moved into our new accommodation in Roslyn Park.
As with all other primary schools in the country, we are currently recruiting our new Board of Management for the school(BOM).    The Board of Management is responsible for the management of the school on behalf of Educate Together (our school’s patron), for the benefit of the students and their parents.  We are seeking two community nominees who would sit on the board. 
If any of your members would be interested or would like some further information about the role of the BOM and the commitment involved, please contact me directly on this email or by phone 087 9667892. 
The voice of the community is hugely important and we feel this would be a great opportunity to help build relations between ourselves and the community of Sandymount.”
If any SAMRA resident is interested, please make contact directly with Joanne, as directed above.”

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