Sewage and Water Contamination

SAMRA Engagement with Irish Water Re: Ringsend WWTP Update Project

SAMRA have been working on your behalf to to engage with Irish Water.  See the documentation here. In this document you will see the existing Ringsend Catchment and the future Ringsend Catchment Areas. This project is called the WWTP.

SAMRA’s persistence: SEA Gully Report, November 2018

SAMRA  have been persistent in challenging the Gully cleaning situation and Dermot Lacey, Councillor, has been very responsive on behalf of SAMRA. He posed the following question to the Manager DCC: on our behalf. 1) Which drains are the most important in relieving the volume…

Q16 Councillor Lacey, September DCC meeting

You can read Councillor Lacey's Question and the answer here. Q016, September DCC Council Meeting and some images here Q016 SANDYMOUNT AREA 1V2 and Q016 SandymountTidal16818.