SAMRA’s persistence: SEA Gully Report, November 2018

Blocked Gully

SAMRA  have been persistent in challenging the Gully cleaning situation and Dermot Lacey, Councillor, has been very responsive on behalf of SAMRA. He posed the following question to the Manager DCC: on our behalf.

1) Which drains are the most important in relieving the volume of floodwater off the Sandymount and Merrion land area back to sea/river outflow ?
2) Out of the long list of Drains and Gullies which of them receive the highest priority maintenance to ensure that they are ”not blocked” ? ie Is there a prioritisation schedule ?
3) Do you have the flood risk hot spots mapped ?

It’s a simple as that – not all drains are equal in importance in terms of flood alleviation and the residents want to know if that is being considered, when applying resource to the most needed points. Answering these questions will allow that assurance to be given. Dave

The local November Gully Report is attached here. SEA Gully Report November 18

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