Reply from DCC – Owen Keegan re Sandymount Strand Road Traffic Changes

Radical Plans for rerouitng traffic

Please see attached the prompt response from the Chief Executive of DCC, Mr Owen Keegan.

Letter to Dvaid Turner SAMRA from DCC 19082020

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    • Hugh McCusker
    • 6th January 2021

    As a resident of Sandymount for the past twenty years, I feel privileged to live in this beautiful place with the sea and the lovely village at my doorstep. I am deeply concerned at Owen Keegan’s proposals for this unique area, which to my mind will destroy everything I’ve loved about Sandymount. As for the alleged trial period which is being proposed, I am not convinced that this is true. Owen Keegan does not strike me as a man who will back down. Some of the alternatives offered for a cycle lane on the Strand Road merit serious consideration. If these plans go ahead, I will seriously consider leaving this once lovely place in which I have been so happy.

    • Geraldine Dunne
    • 14th October 2020

    This is a very bad idea for the Sandymount/Merrion/Irishtown/ Ballsbridge/Ringsend residents 🤬. I hope Owen Keegan comes to his senses and realizes what a big mistake this would be! If he permits this to proceed, he is not fit for the position he holds! WaKe up Owen!