Proposal for Pedestrianisation Trial at Sandymount Green


SAMRA – Letter to DCC re PedestrianisationTrial – Rev 1This is a request to DCC to carry out a Pedestrianisation Trial at Sandymount Green for the summer months. SAMRA believes that will be of great benefit to residents, visitors and local businesses while the country starts to emerge from the Covid lockdown restrictions. A councillor led survey was carried out a year ago establishing high levels of support. In particular, closing the road at the northeast side of the green to vehicles would allow more space for people of all ages to meet and gather safely, whilst ensuring continued adherence to public health guidelines. It would also enable local restaurants to provide much greater outdoor dining facilities than are currently available.

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    • Michael Alexander
    • 6th May 2021

    I think this Is an excellent idea and will enhance amenities in the Sandymount area, allow the hard-pressed restaurants to recoup some of their losses and promote community spirit.