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Passionate about your Home and Environment? 

"It is clear to see the pictures of our beautiful environment - but readers need to know that this is genuinely under threat. Not by malice or intent BUT by the cumulative effect and unintended consequences of our local planning processes. 
Dublin Bay is a unique environment, on the doorstep of Ireland’s capital city and MUST be protected from these threats for our future generations.
SAMRA Committee members express their deep and genuine concern and are URGENTLY looking for your support"
  • To enable us to protect and preserve Sandymount Environs, Heritage for ourselves and our children.
  • Since 1962 SAMRA has been working on the residents behalf. It is the longest established residents association in Dublin.
  • You will join the voice of the locals and residents who support the AIMS of SAMRA and the KEY TOPICs which are being worked via your SAMRA Committee.
  • You will help give the Residents a voice, empowering and leveraging collective representation.
  • Your contribution will make a key difference !

Please join to help support the work SAMRA does in challenging developments that threaten Dublin Bay, the Strand or local amenities.

Family: €40
Single: €30
Student/OAP: €10


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    We invite you to familiarise yourself with the KEY TOPICS. If you have SKILLS or KNOWLEDGE which would assist - we would be delighted to have you contribute, in whatever capacity you're are able to provide.


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